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About Me

My Name's Bjorn and I play drums. I also enjoy buying gear (which drummer doesn't!). Some of which I keep, and some I clean up or restore and sell on again, a little hobby in itself. I tend to buy only things I like, which is a bit of a problem as I inevitably want to keep things, but sometimes have to sell them to fund other purchases. On my site you can read about my bands, the gear I currently own, some of my projects, and some of the gear I no longer have, but thought may be interesting all the same. Although I like many makes of drums, I'm especially drawn to Premier. Partly because they were British made and have a long and interesting heritage, partly because my first big project was a Premier, but there's also something in their design and attention to detail, particularly in the older drums. They just exude a certain 'character' that I don't see in many other drums.

Then & now! Playing my first kit in my bedroom, approx 1990. And playing with my band in 2010.

My very first drumkit was a Hohner, which somehow managed to survive (and I use the word loosely) 13 years of use and abuse. I was lucky that my parents were happy for me to play in the house and so I played for a few hours nearly every evening. I never had any formal tuition until a couple of lessons last year. I'm sure I'd have been a better player if I'd had tuition earlier, and I intend to take more lessons when time allows. My father also played drums back in the 60's and early 70's but around the time I was born he left the band he was in, sold his drums and sadly never played again. I think he was happy that I took up the drums but he never spoke too much about it. Now, aswell as enjoying playing drums myself, I'm doing my best to encourage my young son too.

My son in 2007, aged 3 (note the silencer pads!) And my dad, probably around 1967.

I also play a little bit of guitar, not very well I hasten to add. I took up guitar due to not being able to play drums at home and I still enjoy playing and collecting gear. I know enough chords to bang out a tune or two but I've never practiced enough to play barre chords or decent solos and the like. I'm not too bothered, I have no aspiration to be a great guitarist, but I have fun! My guitar gear has its own page on my site if you're interested.



In my late teens I played in 'Big Love Machine' with some school friends. We played a few gigs in town halls and school parties. We probably weren't very good, but they were happy times :o)

The second band I played in (Stomach Pump... awful name I know, but it was the first thing our guitarist blurted out when asked how we should be introduced!) was put together especially for the Ceilidh Cruise (or Booze Cruise as it's more commonly known) on the local Oban ferry. We played mainly rock'n'roll covers and went down a storm which was great considering most folk had come for Highland/Ceilidh type music.

In my early 20's I joined the 'Flint Armstrong Band' my first serious regular band, and we played in the pubs around the town of Oban once or twice a week, and a few functions. We played mainly standard pub-rock covers (Mustang Sally, She's Not There, Route 66, Roadhouse Blues etc.) and a couple of originals but it was fun, and I was actually getting paid!

It was about 15 years since playing in the bands above that I started playing again in a band environment. I sat in on a jam session in the State Bar in Glasgow, with the excellent Statesboro Blues Band. A bit nerve-wracking but great fun all the same, and that was the kick up the arse I needed to get back into playing. I answered an ad from a guitarist looking for a drummer and other musicians and we started a band, playing various covers from the 60's through to current material. Unfortunately, after a several months the band has been wound up due to other commitments. But it was fun while it lasted. A year later the guitarist got back in touch, he'd found another singer and bassist, and would I like to play again? Hell yes! That was in 2010, and Misplaced Mojo was formed. Check out more on the band on its own page.

Back on the drums after 15 years! State Bar jam night.

Music I Like

I thoroughly enjoy the blues music we play in the band, but I have a varied taste. My parents had a good taste in music (in my opinion) and as a youngster I was brought up listening to the Beatles, Beach Boys, Shadows, Doors, Led Zeppelin, John Lee Hooker, Hendrix etc. (aswell and some Scottish & Irish folk music). As I got into my teens I still enjoyed listening to most of those bands but also got into the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Charlatans, James, Bob Marley, ZZ Top, Deep Purple and lots more. Nowadays I still enjoy most of those but also like some electronic music (Leftfield, Underworld, Morcheeba) some country (Doc Watson, Alison Krauss, Nanci Griffith) and other music from bands as varied as Belle & Sebastian, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Rory Gallagher, Nirvana, Mark Knopfler etc. It has to be said I also have a soft spot for Scottish 80's bands like Hipsway, The Big Dish, Deacon Blue, Love and Money and (I know, not Scottish, but along the same lines...) The Adventures.