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Please note: None of the items on my site are for sale! I often get asked about prices and stock etc. I do sell sell items now and then, usually on eBay, but I am not a dealer, just a player, collector and enthusiast. Thanks!

Drumming links

The Mike Dolbear drum discussion forum

Tam Rankin's vintage Premier drum site, lots of interesting Premier history including a timeline

Superb resource to view loads of vintage brochures and leaflets of many makes of drums

Gerd's shop in Germany, he specialises in Trixon but has many wraps and various vintage spares. Great service too.

Not sure if Supreme is still trading, Louis Dias sadly passed away recently.

Jobeky make e-kits, but also supply a nice quality, good value drum wrap

Bid for a bargain here, but make sure you don't get ripped off or scammed !

Aswell as numerous private sellers, I have had good experiences with Rockem Music, Arcade Music, Edrum01 and many more


Of course I could add links for many other drum sites but you should find them easily enough on the web. The ones above are those I have experience with and this is also a small Thank You to them. 


Guitar Links 

AKA the FDP. 45,000+ Fender fanatics on one forum, very helpful and friendly 

A great site dedicated specifically to Japanese Sratocasters inc. dating by SN etc.

A great forum covering all vintage and modern Les Pauls and other Gibson guitars 

Great music site, especially the user reviews and the brilliant chords and tablature section