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Vintage band photos

The following photos are old photos I found of my dad in his various bands from the early 60's through to the early 70's. Dad was a drummer too although he gave it up around the time I was born. He was a man of few words and I didn't get a lot of encouragement from him when I started playing, but I like to think he was proud of me for also taking up drums. Unfortunately he passed away in 1997 and so I don't have much information other than some dates and notes on the back of some of the photographs. I'm glad I found these and enjoyed looking at them, and thought they might be interesting to share

The Bachelors

Dad's first band, The Bachelors. Obviously he's the one with the sticks. The photo's are dated June 1963, he'd have been just 16 or 17 years old.

The Continentals

His next band, during the mid sixties, the Continentals. Dad also sang a lot of the backing vocals. The first 'photo' is actually a postcard, I guess for publicity. In the second photo, the monkeys on the bass drum head is a bit random, I remember him telling me it had no meaning really but he put it there to wind the band up, as they thought it was quite an outragous thing to do. Wild times eh!

The Allen Frank Quintet

This looks like some kind of jazz outfit, which I'm not sure was dad's cup of tea, according to notes on the back of a photo he played with them for only five months, in 1969. Dad's on the far left in both pictures. The first picture looks like some kind of promo shot and the second is actually a postcard.

Bedroom Philosophers

Around 1970 he joined a blues rock band, the Bedrooom Philosophers. In the last picture another band member is playing drums and dad's playing harmonica.


cripple joe

Dad's last band, Cripple Joe, a prog/blues/rock band he was in during the early 70's. I still have an old tape somewhere with some of their music on it, and also newspaper cuttings, one with a great gig review. It seems, at least locally, that they were a very popular band at the time. It's his kit from this period that I tried to loosely 'replicate' with my Premier project kit.